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We always recommend site owners to understand the hosting requirements of their website before choosing a hosting service. Every website has a unique requirement and understanding it is the key to finding the perfect hosting service for the site. However, certain types of websites have some common requirements that can be taken into consideration while determining the right hosting service. Today, our topic in focus is Cloud Server Hosting, and we will list some website-types that can benefit from Managed Cloud Hosting plans.

e-Commerce platforms

Some common hosting requirements of e-commerce platforms are as follows:

  • Top-notch security – People buy products on these platforms. Therefore, they expect them to offer advanced security since they enter their financial details.
  • Fast site speed – Typically, an e-commerce platform has hundreds of products with high-resolution images of each product. Hence, they need a hosting service that can offer blazing-fast site speeds to keep visitors engaged at all times.
  • Traffic spike management – If one product catches the fancy of the market, then the e-commerce platform can receive thousands of visitors overnight! It cannot keep stored resources for such spikes. Hence, it needs a hosting service that manages traffic spikes efficiently.
  • Cost-efficiency – To keep prices competitive, an e-commerce platform cannot afford to spend a lot on web hosting.
  • Minimum downtimes – People can shop at any time of the day or night. Hence, an e-commerce platform cannot afford frequent downtimes.

With good Managed Cloud Hosting Services, you get 99.99%+ uptime assurance, instant resource scalability, and cost-efficiency. Being managed services, the host deploys a team of security experts to ensure that your site has advanced protection at all times. Also, most providers integrate a caching solution like Varnish Cache and a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to offer blazing-fast site speeds.

News Platforms

Some common hosting requirements of news platforms are as follows:

  • Minimum downtimes to ensure that people can check news stories at any time
  • Fast-loading websites to ensure that visitors don’t opt for other news sites that load faster
  • Resource scalability to manage traffic spikes that are common during a major event.
  • 24×7 support to ensure that your site is up and running at all times since you cannot predict when a breaking story will surface

Here are the reasons why news platforms should go for Managed Cloud Hosting services:

  1. Most Managed Cloud Hosting services offer an uptime assurance of 99.99%+
  2. These services usually come integrated with a caching solution and a CDN that can boost your site speed by up to 1000 times
  3. Efficient traffic spike management by offering instant resource scalability
  4. A technical support team that is available around the clock


A startup needs to deliver a site experience comparable to that provided by a big corporation. Hence, it needs a high-performance server that is cost-efficient since the IT budget for a startup is usually tight. Also, being in the nascent stages, traffic is highly unpredictable. Hence, they need instant resource scalability. Finally, they also need lesser downtimes as they are beginning to build a brand image, and an unavailable website can tarnish the efforts.

As explained above, the features of Managed Cloud Hosting are a perfect fit for startups too.

Summing Up

Remember, while we have generalized the types of websites that can do well with Managed Cloud Hosting services, we still urge you to assess the hosting requirements of your site before signing the dotted line. Research well and consider all aspects before buying. Good Luck! 

Post Author: Saul Alexender