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Rock Street, San Francisco
Rock Street, San Francisco


Since the population continues to rise especially in significant environments and metropolises, it is vital to create a technological advancement that will manage things that are vital for functioning in urban settings.
You do not have to worry, because towns in which we live in are becoming smarter, and today, almost everyone agrees that technology is an essential aspect for improving specific industries especially parking industry.
The biggest challenge we face nowadays is transportation because more people means more traffic, which means more pressure on resources that are already limited. If you are living in a major city, you probably know about the hassle that comes with finding a parking spot.
Even though valet parking technology is entering the big door, we still have not reached the golden age of automation.
Internet of Things and Parking Industry
When it comes to smart parking, sensors tend to determine whether you have available or occupied parking spaces. They can easily send data wirelessly in real time so that you can get information on your mobile device about open areas where you can park with ease.
You can use mobile phones so that you can find a perfect spot without searching around, cruising and wasting both juice and time. At the same time, people that monitor parking violations will be automatically directed towards a vehicle that needs to be removed or ticketed.
This is just a head start that will happen in the world of driving and parking. Everyone dislikes getting parking tickets for violations, and that is a fact. Even when you have good intentions, it would be challenging to get back to your spot before the meter runs out.
However, imagine the scenario where you can get a real-time notification on your mobile device that parking time is expiring and you will get an option to extend it without going to it.
This particular convention is highly satisfactory for most people because you will be able to are notified and decide whether you wish to extend the parking or not.
This particular concept is a double win because it allows the merchant to retain and gain customers and driver to avoid a parking ticket. By checking here, you will be able to learn more on smart technologies.
The large percentage of parking violations happen due to negligence. However, law enforcement officers cannot handle multiple vehicles, which means that some people can park faulty and still get away with it.
Of course, some parking violations are more problematic than others are. For instance, imagine what would happen if you park on the spot for people with handicaps or parents that are waiting for children from school.
Finally, you can avoid these issues by implementing smart solutions that will alert enforcement officers about violations as soon as it happens. They will get information based on priority, and that would provide the the ability to resolve issues and handle troublesome vehicles quickly.
Benefits of Smart Parking Systems

  • Reduced Movement – When you are using a smart parking system, you can rest assured because fewer cars will cruise around in searching for the best spot, which means that traffic will not be dense as today.
  • Optimized Stopping – You will be able to locate the best and most accessible spot so that you can reduce losing time and plan everything. Finally, you can improve your productivity by avoiding parking stress and get the right place so that you can start doing the things you prefer.
  • Reduced Contamination – We have mentioned above that searching for lots requires plenty of time, but according to statistics, it consumes one million barrels of oil on a daily basis. Therefore, the ideal way to spare money and reduce environmental contamination is by implementing a smart solution that will reduce time consumption and decrease ecological problems.
  • Perfect User Experience – When you enter a smart garage, you will be able to take keys with you, get out of the car and finish everything in a matter of minutes. You can also inquire about spot distinguishing proof, driver’s installment and time notices as well.
  • Additional Income Versatility – As soon as you decide to implement smart technology for parking purposes, you will be able to get new income streams that will come with it. For instance, you will be able to provide additional services and packages that will appeal to your customers as the way to retain them.
  • Integrated POS and Payments – You do not have to worry anymore, because you do not need spare cash so that you can handle parking because your customers will be able to pay everything through a mobile device. That will increase convenience, and since they can order everything online, you will get more customers in the long run.
  • Improved Safety – Parking lots are problematic, especially the old ones because they were breachable, and even though most of them come with cameras and security watches, it is still not secure enough. On the other hand, you do not have to worry about it with smart systems because you will be able to implement cameras that will immediately notify anyone who is accessing without the proper access.
  • Comprehensive Real-Time Data – Having a garage means that you need appropriate paperwork and reports on a daily basis. At the same time, information can help you determine patterns and relationship of cars and clients that are choosing you. These patterns can help you market your business more and find out about which modifications you should make to boost your overall profits. This particular guide: is something you should read to understand more on how to park safely in small space.  
  • Increased Brand Image – When you can provide your customers the convenient options in combination with fantastic security features, that will make you stand out from competitors. It does not matter what is your goal, because your guests and customers will enjoy the latest technology that will provide them peace of minds. Apart from that, you should remember that since you do not need manual actions and mechanizations, you would save money on assets and employment costs. Therefore, we can easily say that smart parking systems are the future we impatiently wait.

Post Author: Saul Alexender