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Rock Street, San Francisco
Rock Street, San Francisco

HVAC industry can be very competitive and because of that, it can be very hard to grow even locally. You would have to use many marketing strategies in order to beat your competition. Copying isn’t a bad thing when you copy a successful company but that isn’t the point where you should stop. Adding additional methods will make your firm improve faster and potentially gain more clients. It also depends on which part of management you have the most problem with.

If you don’t have many returning calls when you are promoting your business, maybe something is wrong with the people that are exposing your business to the audience. Most of the marketing for HVAC companies done is done locally but there is always room for expansion. Nowadays, it is hard to attract a customer because they learned which advertising looks suspicious so you will have to do something different from others.

Traditional Methods

While most firms are focusing on new methods like social media marketing and everything that can be done online, you can, besides that, try to return to some older methods. They are still being done but the main focus is usually online. Going on the street and presenting your offers with flyers still can attract customers if they are done correctly.

People lack doing business in person and that is where you should take advantage and focus on. Going on every seminar can have a huge benefit because you will meet people that may help you grow your business. When you have interesting flyers and seminars done by great marketers, there is no doubt you will make progress. Read more on this link.


When you have a problem with your business and you don’t know how to get out of it then it’s time to do a rebranding. This gives you a fresh start saving clients you have and people that work with you but giving a new fresh look. It depends on the marketing agency what they think needs to be changed.

This can involve changing your logo, web design, prices, offers and adding improvements to customer service. Logo and web design are the first things because they are what your customers notice first. If it looks awful there’s an 80% chance they will turn to someone else. The website needs to look appealing and professional with every detail a customer needs.

Your social media accounts may also be outdated which is now a big part of gaining clients and more calls. Hire a professional to manage this for you so you won’t have problems in the future. Many people think they can handle everything themselves but that is the first mistake they are making.

Read more about it here:

Don’t Wait For the Customer

If you have a great website and some clients, it doesn’t mean you are doing a great job. That is only the beginning and much more has to be done. You need to reach to them and there is a higher chance they will become your client then by visiting your website.

For example, a great way to do this is by emailing businesses are connected to what you are doing. Other companies are using mass emailing trying to attract customers but most people look at those emails as spam. If you contact a person from a company, it has a more direct touch to it and a higher chance of getting a response. Try to make relationship with them and share clients.


Social media marketing is the main thing for some businesses and that is for a good reason. The majority of people in the world spend a lot of time on social media. It hard to manage it for HVAC firms because they might not be so appealing there but still people find a method to reach out.

One of the ways is to make a competition where the winner wins, for example, a month of maintenance. The competitors would have to like the picture, share or something similar that will make your business reach more people. This method has proven to work for many larger companies.

Post Author: Saul Alexender