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Types of Websites that Should Go For Managed Cloud Hosting

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We always recommend site owners to understand the hosting requirements of their website before choosing a hosting service. Every website has a unique requirement and understanding it is the key to finding the perfect hosting service for the site. However, certain types of websites have some common requirements that can be taken into consideration while determining the right hosting service. Today, our topic in focus is Cloud Server Hosting, and we will list some website-types that can benefit from Managed Cloud Hosting plans.

e-Commerce platforms

Some common hosting requirements of e-commerce platforms are as follows:

  • Top-notch security – People buy products on these platforms. Therefore, they expect them to offer advanced security since they enter their financial details.
  • Fast site speed – Typically, an e-commerce platform has hundreds of products with high-resolution images of each product. Hence, they need a hosting service that can offer blazing-fast site speeds to keep visitors engaged at all times.
  • Traffic spike management – If one product catches the fancy of the market, then the e-commerce platform can receive thousands of visitors overnight! It cannot keep stored resources for such spikes. Hence, it needs a hosting service that manages traffic spikes efficiently.
  • Cost-efficiency – To keep prices competitive, an e-commerce platform cannot afford to spend a lot on web hosting.
  • Minimum downtimes – People can shop at any time of the day or night. Hence, an e-commerce platform cannot afford frequent downtimes.

With good Managed Cloud Hosting Services, you get 99.99%+ uptime assurance, instant resource scalability, and cost-efficiency. Being managed services, the host deploys a team of security experts to ensure that your site has advanced protection at all times. Also, most providers integrate a caching solution like Varnish Cache and a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to offer blazing-fast site speeds.

News Platforms

Some common hosting requirements of news platforms are as follows:

  • Minimum downtimes to ensure that people can check news stories at any time
  • Fast-loading websites to ensure that visitors don’t opt for other news sites that load faster
  • Resource scalability to manage traffic spikes that are common during a major event.
  • 24×7 support to ensure that your site is up and running at all times since you cannot predict when a breaking story will surface

Here are the reasons why news platforms should go for Managed Cloud Hosting services:

  1. Most Managed Cloud Hosting services offer an uptime assurance of 99.99%+
  2. These services usually come integrated with a caching solution and a CDN that can boost your site speed by up to 1000 times
  3. Efficient traffic spike management by offering instant resource scalability
  4. A technical support team that is available around the clock


A startup needs to deliver a site experience comparable to that provided by a big corporation. Hence, it needs a high-performance server that is cost-efficient since the IT budget for a startup is usually tight. Also, being in the nascent stages, traffic is highly unpredictable. Hence, they need instant resource scalability. Finally, they also need lesser downtimes …

5 Tips Good Publishers Use to Do

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There are some crucial things great publishers are accustomed to doing. Here are 5 essential tips you need to start doing as a publisher for enhanced effectiveness and efficiency.

1. Pay attention to Headlines- they matter most.

These are times where headlines judge the quality and engagements of ads, sales copy, articles, emails, and all. Headlines now predetermine the open rate of web content and copy and you surely don’t want joke around. While a catchy, well-crafted headline gets a higher open rate, the poorly-crafted headline is neglected like a plague. We recommend that you carefully craft and curate your headlines to hit your target right at their core.

2. Be consistent in tone and frequency 

The digital world is vast and full of opportunities to explore; however, you need to be consistent in your approach. You have to maintain a consistent tone and frequency in the online publishing world. Regardless of you’re the time you choose, so far it helps you engage your target audience, stay with it. Consistency also enables you to build trust in your readers. And with their confidence, you can achieve more. Remember your success in publishing depends on your audience.

3. Integrate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into your plan

Nothing on the internet can thrive without the right application of SEO. SEO. And publishers who want to stay ahead of the fierce competition in the industry must understand SEO and integrate it into their strategy. The right use of SEO optimizes your web content for organic search.

4. Interact with publishers in your niche

An outstanding publisher learns from leading publishers that are doing well. Since learning is a continuous process, publishers should interact with other publishers in their niche. They should check out trends, tips and strategies that are thriving in their market space. Online reviews are a fundamental part of this process.

5. Use Analytics to measure your results

We mostly recommend that after crafting great content for the web and posting them on relevant platforms, the next most crucial thing is to measure the result of the content. You have to check if the content and copy are achieving your purpose. If not, then you have to re-structure your SEO and re-strategize your approach.…

Ways to Attain Cloud Hosting Optimisation

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Whether a small-sized enterprise or a big fat organisation, if you want high speed, better performance, and sufficient resources to manage high web traffic, Cloud Hosting is the one for you. Organisational leaders advocate the fact that Cloud Hosting is cheap, flexible, and easier to embed. Further, it offers hassle-free integration, agility, and scalable solutions. 

Given the endless benefits offered by Cloud Hosting, it is the first choice for website owners. But the efficiency of Cloud Hosting isn’t locked, and one can always adopt significant measures to optimise Cloud Hosting. In fact, gone are the days when you just had to deploy cloud services and forget the rest. Today, you need to continuously monitor and track the operations to improve productivity, and in a way, accelerate ROI. And that calls for optimisation! 

In case you aren’t sure how, this article is specifically designed to outline the way by which you can optimise Cloud Hosting. 

How to optimise your Cloud Hosting?

  • Caching

Caching is a technique used to reduce the page loading speed. It converts some of your site content into static data to eliminate running a query on your database every time the page loads. For instance, you can convert your website home page, the service pages, and contact info page static as these don’t require interaction with the user and simply display information.  Many Cloud Hosting providers offer pre-integrated caching tools like Varnish Cache that considerably improve your site speed.

  • Content Delivery Network

Creating a duplicate version of the entire website to distribute it across various servers, Content Delivery Network (CDN) is proven to improve and enhance the page loading speed. It cuts down the time difference between the request sent by the user and the response received, thereby improving site speed and the user experience.

  • Third-party Content

Irrespective of the type, size, and kind of the website, there always exists a few extrinsic contents. These affect the speed of the page and deprecates the performance. Widgets, unwanted images, scripts and additional elements as part of the site asset can be removed. You can modify the settings in a way that these assets appear only when needed. This will improve the load time.

  • Image Compression

Website owners are under the impression that better the image quality, the higher is its appeal. Evidently, this is true. However, these high-quality images burden the website. It takes longer than usual to load the website, let alone the image. And if by chance, the user doesn’t have a high-speed network, chances are the page would fail to load. In either case, the user is bound to leave the website, scaling the bounce rate. To avoid this, you can use tools that help you compress the image without comprising the quality of the same. This way, you can improve the site loading speed and optimise it on the whole. 

Final Word 

In addition to all of the above, one also needs to choose a reliable web hosting provider that offers feature-rich, scalable and …

Affordable Hosting Services in India

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When you need to select a reasonably priced web hosting, it requires that you cautiously consider the quality of the service you have selected. Your business reputation is directly linked to the smooth running of your website for which the web hosting provider is responsible. An ideal smooth performing site should be helpful, easy to use and also it should serve all your purposes.

Nowadays, there are a range of affordable hosting services available like PHP, Perl and many more, and all of them claiming to be ‘best than the rest’ but it is you who decides and for that, it requires you to spend some time considering all aspects and make a right choice with an affordable web hosting service that fulfills all your business requirements and gives a pleasing experience to your visitors.

If you have a small business, then you should opt for free web hosting services, which are offered in packages online. Also, there are many affordable web hosting service providers offering quality services at reasonable rates. But, if you have a large scale business, then your website should be well designed and technically outstanding with a great presentation and which can be possible only when you choose paid web hosting services.

And, it all depends on the date quantity you want to store on your website. If the data is in a small quantity, then it will be good for you to look for an affordable hosting service that saves a good amount of money. It is always advisable to choose affordable hosting rather than free web hosting because free hosting service has a number of disadvantages like it promotes on your website and makes it look unprofessional and that may lead to a bad impression on your business.

Making the Argument for Affordable Web Hosting

Affordable web hosting is the best choice for online business. The price for affordable web hosting, whether on a monthly or yearly basis, is only a little higher than the basic price of many cheap hosting services providers. The best part here is that there are many fewer fees outside of the regular monthly payments. A domain name is added on a charge, but the cost is a bit less and much more aligned with the price that is charged from a domain registration service.

Some of the additional benefits are free plug-in, usually includes database/basic customer management software and online publishing software such as WordPress which are very useful and power pieces of server-based software that fulfills many requirements of people after they obtain web hosting. Also, many web hosting companies provide easy, template-based web page creation services included in the package to help the customer get started easily.

The other areas where affordable web hosting companies really excel are customer service and support of their business. They often seize themselves to the below 1% downtime standard and, they can afford to be more attentive as they are usually larger companies and, they also offer better technical …

5 key focal points of hosting VPS to boost the SEO of your site

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Some time ago less expensive and simple to-get assets were embraced by business and experts who were hoping to have their site. This was on the grounds that getting a site up rapidly was the target well ordered. In any case, in a matter of seconds, organizations understood that this methodology isn’t feasible in light of the fact that it bombed on a few parameters, for example, hunt, security and adaptability. Today, with the movement of time, the parameters of finding what you need on pursuit have experienced gigantic change. Alongside client experience, interface and navigates rates, the speed of stacking your page is additionally matters. Which is the reason, your facilitating arrangement likewise matters. In an offer to put your site rather rapidly, picking a convenient solution arrangement isn’t generally the route forward. Which is the reason, it wound up basic to disclose to you the upsides of VPS hosting as an answer to host your site.

VPS hosting is much different from shared and has autonomous assets devoted to its deployers. This enables clients to concentrate on the key performing files of their site, SEO rankings being one. Additionally, as a facilitating arrangement it isn’t just simple on your wallet, yet additionally gives powerful help to your site. As we tested further, we figured in India VPS hosting will potentially give its deployers preference over other facilitating arrangements with regards to streamlining the inquiry of your site. Give us a chance to perceive what makes it a solid match for your site’s SEO, would it be advisable for us to?

1. Speed
When you send VPS facilitating for your site, you have enough assets that guarantee its smooth running. This is on the grounds that, not at all like shared facilitating where the assets are less and are imparted to different sites on a similar server, there are odds of your site confronting issues as for speed. With VPS, since assets are dealt with and are free of different sites, your site flies when clients look for it or scan for applicable catchphrases for your site. With regards to SEO, any site that is quick for the most part has an additionally preferred standpoint since speed is one of the variables that influence SEO rankings. Which is the reason it winds up basic to take advantage of this favourable position by utilizing VPS facilitating.

2. Adaptability
This is notwithstanding ‘Speed’ as a factor that we referenced. In India VPS hosting enables you to overhaul or lower the size of your assets. Since it enables you to upscale your assets, your facilitating arrangement will be empowered with more RAM or memory that will by implication affect the execution and speed of your site which deals with the page stack time. With a quicker page stack time, clients endeavouring to get to your site through applicable watchword hunt will discover your site rather rapidly.

3. Uptime 

Server uptime is key with regards to SEO. That is on the grounds …

Recycling Unusual Items in Canada

You may not know that certain items in your household can even be recycled, let alone where to take them. Luckily, the City of Toronto offers a plan and a place for almost everything.


If you’re looking for electronic recycling Toronto, you can’t leave it at the curb with the rest of your plastics and glass. Improper disposal is both bad for the environment and your data privacy. However, there are companies that will pick it up from your place of business, or that you can bring your home e-waste to. They will usually take old or malfunctioning computers, cell phones, printers, cables, wires or tablets.


Batteries can contain mercury, cadmium, nickel, etc, so they require a certified facility to recycle them. These substances can contaminate the soil and water if they are not dealt with properly. You can drop off small quantities at Waste Division warehouses for free. They also offer pick-up services. To determine what is best for your situation, you should give them a call. It makes it easier if you keep a large jar or container to put old batteries in at your house or place of business, before taking them to the warehouse.

Medical Waste

Needles and syringes are considered hazardous waste. They can only be taken to specific drop-off depots at a city transfer station. These depots require a fee to enter, so it’s a good idea to save up a bunch before making the trip. It is recommended to avoid going during peak hours- between 11 AM to 1 PM and 3 PM to 5 PM on weekdays- to avoid a rush of city-operated vehicles. If you know someone else with medical waste, you could even consider making group trips.

Recycling may seem like a pain, but it is one of the easiest and most direct ways you can keep your city clean and help the environment. Once you know what goes where, it may become like second nature.

Is Our Business Dialled-In for Outsourcing Calls?

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One of the decisions many business owners will end up making over time is whether or not to use call centre outsourcing for their business needs. As customer relationship services continue to grow and time management is squeezed, mistakes can happen. So, more companies are looking to call centre outsourcing in order to meet the needs of their clients, be they in the States or overseas. So, is your line of business one that could benefit from outsourcing your calls?

Among the advantages:

– Meeting the needs of customers worldwide: With the potential for customers in a variety of time zones, outsourcing business calls makes sense for many companies. By doing so, businesses can provide up to date services for customers at any time of the day;

– More time for employees – Using a call centre frees up more time for your employees. By taking away such phone duties, you can focus your resources on other important matters;

– Cost savings – Along with meeting the needs of customers and freeing up more time for your employees to focus on other aspects of their jobs, outsourcing your calls can save money over time. To keep all the phone duties in-house, you have to invest in equipment, along with hiring and training personnel for such work.

Among the disadvantages of using such a centre:

– Problems with communication – If you outsource your calls, there can be issues with communication. Keep in mind that you are going through a third party, so make sure you properly convey what message you want them to provide to customers;

– Security of information – While most third-party call centres have in place proven security measures to prevent data theft, nothing is 100 percent guaranteed. Make sure that the outsourcing provider your business goes with has a solid reputation in the industry, along with backing up what it says when it comes to securing your data;

– Meeting regulations – It is also important that you find a provider where both they and you understand all local and federal guidelines. This is especially true given the fact that many such call centres reside offshore.

– With these advantages and disadvantages in your mind pertaining to using a call centre, then ask yourself if you can get the job done in-house or not.

Among the items to look at:

– Call duration – Decide what your company’s typical call duration is with customers, that being when it comes to taking questions and orders for your products and/or services;

– Frequency of calls – Review how many calls you get on a regular basis. Find out what the average number of calls is for each hour of business daily. You may or may not be able to handle such volume in-house;

– Budgetary matters – Look at whether or not it makes sense from a financial stand point to do your calling in-house or outsource it. Ask yourself if you have the financial resources to purchase …

3 Ways to Make Your Business More Environmentally Friendly

While to the undiscerning business owner it may seem like only a passing fad, you may be surprised to find out just how important green business practices are becoming in the eyes of investors and consumers alike. Not only can going green help the environment, but it can also help your business connect more with your community and actually become more sustainable in the long run. Here are three simple ways to make your business more environmentally friendly.

Use Sustainable Materials

Swapping metal machine parts for sustainable and renewable plastic blades, or sourcing materials from ecologically friendly sources can help your company go green in a simple way. Many products on the market today are geared towards sustainable and high-quality solutions that will last your company a much longer time than the cheap materials you may have been using before.

Implement Green Energy Practices

Whether you invest in solar panels to supplement the energy your plant consumes or you implement energy-saving practices such as motion-sensored lights on the shop floor, there are plenty of ways for business owners like you to work in more sustainable and conservational ways. Making sure that your equipment is well-maintained and up-to-date is a key way to help your company work efficiently, but can also pay off in the long run with preventing energy waste.

Offset Your Carbon Footprint

If you are in an industry that by nature is not very friendly to the environment, you might consider offsetting your carbon footprint by making a yearly donation to a charity that replants trees in areas that have suffered from artificial deforestation. This way, you can make an effort to minimize your negative impact on the environment while still performing your important role in your industry.

Whether you believe in climate change or not, it’s hard to deny the responsibility that corporations and businesses have on setting examples for the community and offsetting any negative environmental impact. Fortunately, by simply making an effort to implement more eco-friendly business practices, you can help the environment and the community.

How To Stay Sane While Working From Home

Working from home seems like a great idea at first. You have the most relaxed dress code, and the best commute imaginable. Then suddenly it’s two o’clock in the afternoon and you’re still in your pajamas. You haven’t spoken to another human soul all day. Your office is a dark cave and you don’t even know what season it is outside. Here are a few tricks that can save your sanity if you’re working from home for an extended period.


Make sure that your desk is near a window, somewhere where you can see the outdoors and get plenty of sunlight. You might need a high brightness computer monitor to compensate, but it’ll all be worth it. Working from home can wreak havoc on your circadian rhythms and confuse your internal clock. Sunlight helps you process vitamin D, can help you maintain a routine and helps your body keep a regular sleep cycle.

A Timer

Using a timer to keep track of your work is an excellent way to maximize your productivity and challenge yourself to stay on task while at the same time preventing you from burning out. Choose a task and set a timer. It doesn’t have to be terribly long: just long enough to get something done, but not so long that you find yourself getting distracted. When the timer is done, take a short break, look over what you did or set another timer and pick the next small task.

Accountability Buddies

The last and most important way to stay sane and productive is to have a buddy. Working from home can be very isolating and lends itself to either distractions or overwork. Accountability buddies can save you from your workload and yourself. They won’t just help you stay on task, they’ll remind you when it’s time to take a break or stop entirely.

How to make your business more secure?

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An overwhelming proportion of small business owner thinks that their business is not even at minimal risk of security-threats. But almost half of small businesses experience thefts and burglaries and crime against businesses make up a grossing 20% of all the recorded crime in the UK. Keeping your business secure is a vital concern and sometimes an overlooked part of your business ownership.

If you are a small business and you need a sophisticated security system, then you can always go for a more sophisticated security system that can guard your business. Here a few tips that can help you in choosing the business security system that is right for you. Have a look at some of them!

Equipment should be in pace with space

Your business or office space surely makes a significant impact over the type and features of the security system that you are going to opt for. This is why you do need to evaluate your space and find out the modifications that are necessary to install the security system like whether your structure can be drilled or not and a variety of other facts as well. Apart from all that you also need to get the dimensions as well as the measurements right enough so that you don’t have to regret later on.

Look for the best sensors

Cameras aren’t just the only thing that can help to make your workspace secure. You need to go for the additional security measures like sensors as well. There are specific sensors that might detect things like flooding, smoke, fire, or carbon monoxide that can be a major threat to both of your equipment and staff. You can add this equipment on your security plan and aside from that just monitoring your organization via cameras, these sensors along with the motion sensors can also help to sense the danger at the initial possible stage.

Pick camera types with a flawless resolution

Determine the number of cameras that you exactly need and make sure that you place them at positions or angles that are necessary to get a clear view. Choosing a lot of cameras isn’t an option you also need to find cameras that have a good resolution so that you don’t get a blurred image. Some cameras are accommodated with the night vision, whereas other cameras are more disguised to disappear in the surroundings and fit your space.

The right alerts are indispensable

You seriously need to decide the types, conditions, and the form of alerts or activities that you want to get notified of from your security system. For example, if you have a clean and empty office, you can always go for security alerts that contain motion sensors, but if you have a busy office, then motion sensors would start beeping now and then.

Make sure that the service provider is reputable

You can’t just go for any lame option that offers you cheap services. You do need to ask for a recommendation, consider the …