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Many visitors to Phuket Island are so fascinated by what they find, that coming back a second or third time thereafter is inevitable. Not only is it a tropical paradise where time seemingly stands still and everything is about relaxation, fun, leisure and entertainment, but it is also affordable and easily accessible. Low cost direct flights to Phuket are now easier than ever to come by.

With leisure seekers drawn to this exotic destination like moths to a flame since tourism started booming only a few decades ago, it can only be expected that the hospitality industry capitalised on the holiday frenzy with resorts today dotting the island’s exotic shores. If you are not one of the fortunate ones to already have been here multiple times and had the opportunity to get to know the island, then this vast choice of hotels can often cause a slight conundrum when it comes to sitting down and choosing a Phuket hotel that will be just right for you.

Questions like “which are the best hotels to stay if I travel with kids” or “where should I book for my honeymoon” are often heard. The most common request a travel agent might hear is “which are the best places if I don’t want to be too far from attractions, but can still have peace and privacy”.

The fact is that for all these requirements there are endless recommendations. The first thing to understand in your quest to find the ultimate location for your holiday is that the island’s best beaches are all located on its western shore and naturally this is where 95% of all hotels are located. The far northern tip and also the far southern tip of the west coast are quiet and secluded while it becomes more lively as you move to the centre. Spread along several of these shorelines, I believe one or more of the following highly recommended places will be perfect for your first visit. While you might even book one of them a second time, you will at least be sure of high standards while you scout other possibilities and, you will know in which type of environment you will be finding yourself. Platforms like hotels.phuket can also be a great tool to help with your research.

The Pullman

I start with the Pullman because this is my idea of the ideal location and it offers the perfect facilities. It is situated in Naithon which is a more exclusive location, is 30-minutes drive from vibrant and busy Patong. The setting is utterly relaxed, peaceful and quiet and the views simply amazing. If you are on honeymoon and want to start your holiday by spending the first few nights where you can shut the world outside, this would be the perfect option. The rooms are stylish and your private pool gives you a front row seat to enjoy captivating ocean views of where the ocean meets the horizon.


If direct beachfront location is not negotiable, Katathani will be tough to beat. Not only is it located on one of the islands most beautiful beaches, but also close enough to island attractions and lively places like Patong, so you are definitely not going to feel secluded. However, the Kata area also offers its own choice of restaurants, markets and a few nightlife hangouts. Combined with an extraordinary beach you will be forgiven for not wanting to leave the area too often. Katathani is a luxury 5-star hotel, but its prices are surprisingly modest. Many of the resort’s rooms will stir your senses with amazing ocean views and facilities like six beachfront pools and jacuzzis, beach club with kids pool, tennis courts, health clinic and enough restaurants so you can eat in a different one each day of the week–attractions that make this beach resort rank among the top 10 in Phuket.

Laguna Holiday Club

One of the best places for families in my opinion, whether you have grown-up teenagers or toddlers, is the Laguna holiday complex in Bangtao, mainly due to its peerless recreational facilities for kids, but also facilities like a topnotch golf course. The complex houses several resorts spread out over a vast area. Bangtao Beach is many kilometres long and never crowded. A few restaurants are located along the beach, but generally, it is a relaxed area, approximately 20 minutes from Patong and close to the famous Phuket Fantasia, Thailand’s own Disneyland. The Laguna complex is home to names like the luxurious Angsana Laguna Phuket, but if you want to enjoy 5-star luxury at a lesser price, check out the Laguna Holiday Club. It has two bedroom suites so the whole gang can be comfortably accommodated and you can utilise the facilities of all the other resorts in the complex.

Phuket Graceland

Here we are, in Patong, that vibrant area I referred to above, and located directly on the beach. Graceland resort is a firm favourite in the area for ones who want to be sure they are not compromising standards, but also want to stick to budget savvy prices. It is as family friendly as it is great for those who want to cash in on the pulsating energy of Patong and its electrifying nightlife.

Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn is the perfect fusion of family friendly, couples retreat, great location and superb facilities right inside Patong. It is the obvious choice for families who like a bit of a buzz in close proximity to their hotel. Some rooms have a separate annexe for children equipped with their own beds, toys and TV games and, it comes at no extra cost. If it is only the two of you, you might want to consider one of the Busakorn rooms. Many of these are situated around an inner courtyard with direct access to a pool reserved only for them. From experience, I can tell you that if you want to stay here you need to book your accommodation well in advance. Holiday Inn’s popularity for the past few years has been such that room availability is often a cause of concern.

In Conclusion

As mentioned, the list of hotels which will guarantee a first-time visitor a great holiday is never-ending, but this article needs to stop somewhere. However, staying at any one of the above it is unlikely you will go home with any complaints and might in fact already be planning your next trip.

Post Author: Saul Alexender