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Stay Safe While Surfing On Waters!

Surfing is generally practiced on the sea and the water waves coming to you at a high pace gives you lots of excitement. Here you are exposed directly to the ease and the waves collide with the body. The force of these waves is more than the human body. If you wish to learn surfing, it is very important for you to master the skills from a trained and professional expert before you venture out into the water.

Anouk Govil is a student of biology at The California State University in the Channel Islands in the USA. Along with kayaking and fishing, her major hobby is surfing. She says that if you are new to the sport of surfing, you should be safe and ensure you master some skills before you venture out into the water.

Choose the right surfing board…

She states that when you are surfing on water, the weight of the surfing board is very important. Since they are light, they have the ability to turn upside down. In deep waters, you will find that your body will always shake and it will be hard for you to maintain constant balance on the water. In case your board topples in the deep sea your chances of drowning are very high. Therefore, it is vital for you to go in for a board that has the right weight and it should not be too long.

Know the depth of the waters before you start surfing…

She says that once you have the perfect board, you should surf as per a suitable depth range. There are some people that are very ambitious in the beginning and they make an attempt to surf in very deep waters. This, of course, is not the right way for you to learn surfing. In fact, it can be highly dangerous at the same time. If you are new or a beginner to surfing, it is advised that you start with shallow waters.

Patience and proceed gradually…

 You should advance with sea levels as you gain experience. In this manner, you will be able to tackle the force of the sea well. She says that in the very first month, you should not surf on your own. You should go out to sea with a professional beside you or he or she may be on the same board as you. In order to curb drowning, it is important for you to use an air tube. This will remove the chances of you sinking in the waters. Your body will float as per the light weight of the tube.

Last but not the least, Anouk Govil says that you should observe people before you enter the waters for the first time. This will reduce the natural fear you have. You will get the confidence and the trust to venture out into these waters without fear. In this manner, you will get the best experience you are looking for when you are surfing on the sea waters as a professional.