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Removals: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

Facts About Laser Hair Removal

In removing hair problems, laser removal has been used since the late 90’s. The effectiveness of laser hair removal has been realized since then. It has been proven to be the most effective way in removing hair. Lets talk about more about what laser really is. The laser that is used in the procedure emits a light wave that targets the melanin in the hair as well as the follicle. Melanin is said to be responsible for providing color to the hair and the skin. The melanin which can be found in the follicles will be the target of the light beam. If you have fair skin and dark hair then you will benefit more from the procedure. But if you have similar skin and hair tone then the laser will have a harder time identifying between the skin and the hair. If you have dark hair and a dark skin color, then a long wave laser is the one that should be used. If the follicles get damaged to the point that it can no longer repair itself, then the hair will not be able to grow and that’s what lasers do. The moment the follicles closed, you will then have a smoother skin.

So why do you need more than one laser treatment? Laser works the moment your hair becomes active. But there will be a time when your hair will be in its resting phase. The hair will not be effectively removed during this phase. All the hair will be removed once you engaged in multiple session.

You might be wondering if the procedure is painful. Before the laser is emitted, cold burst of air is given off. The moment that the cold air is given, the skin will immediate get numb. Three discomfort level is dependent from one person to the other. According to some, the feeling of discomfort is like a rubber band snapping on the skin. You will only feel a discomfort for only 2-3 seconds only. The lasers that the clinic will use and the level of discomfort that you might feel should be inquired by you first.
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Now, another question that may pop into your mind is that if the process is dangerous. In order to ensure the safety of everyone, they follow guidelines. You will definitely be in good hands as long as you choose a clinic that is reputable and is known for doing such procedure. During the procedure, make sure that you wear protective glasses. Before the procedure starts, make sure that the clinic will do a rundown on everything. It will be a permanent procedure because once the hair follicles has been damaged beyond repair, then hair will have no chance of growing back.How to Achieve Maximum Success with Experts