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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Will Broadcast Miracles To The USA!

Chris Oyakhilome, popularly known as “Pastor Chris“, is a pastor from Nigeria, whose Ministry is focused on faith healing services.

He has dedicated more than 30 years of his life, to teach the message of the Gospel of Jesus, and is the founder of one of the largest congregations in Africa, The Christ Embassy Mission, also known as Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporated, which has followers all around the world.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, is known for his insatiable passion of helping men and women, reach a triumphant and purposeful life in God’s Word.

His Ministry has expanded at a great rate beyond the borders of Nigeria, and South Africa, and he now holds large gatherings in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

He is also a writer, a teacher and a televangelist, and regularly uses social networking platforms to send messages to the Christians around the globe, to his more than 1,200,000 Facebook followers.

After pioneering the first 24-hour Christian satellite network and broadcasting from Africa worldwide, last week, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome along with televangelist Benny Hinn, officially announced that they are launching a new TV channel with the name of “LoveWorld”, the same name of Oyakhilome’s Ministry, which will be available on US cable TV operators and the internet, starting July of 2017.

Their goal is to show to a greater number of people, “the Glory of God” before the return of Jesus Christ, focusing on miracles, and highlighting the belief that the world is living its “last days”.

The power of God will be demonstrated daily, with the inclusion of prayers for the sick, where miracles will take place right before your eyes, when God’s presence manifests on live TV.

In a broadcast by Facebook, Chris Oyakhilome, the President of Christ Embassy, said that the channel would focus specifically on the “power of the Holy Spirit”.

Initially, part of programming will be made up of old Benny Hinn Crusades, which are displayed in various countries. Pastor Deola Phillips, who will work in the entrepreneurship, said it will be a great opportunity to show the rest of the world the Ministry of Oyakhilome, whose program “Atmosphere of Miracles” is already well known in Africa and now he will continue to touch people through this powerful messages.

Special programs will be written in the coming weeks. Other preachers like Kenneth Copeland, Marilyn Hickey, Rod Parsley, and the Apostle Guillermo Maldonado, are negotiating to broadcast their programs on the channel, that will be available on Spectrum cable in the United States.

During web press conference, a spokesman stated that LoveWorldUSA will be significantly different from “boring types of Christian networks.”

Christian related news, Christian conferences, and programs targeted for children will be also transmitted by the channel.