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Earning Money through an Online Program There is a program called “Time Freedom” that was introduced by Scott Miller especially designed for people who want to earn money from the comfort of their homes. Whether the individual has a level of expertise in owning a business, this particular program is suited to this individual. Based on the advertisement of the website of this program, they have a proven record that their program can give a person five to six figures income every month. For those who are not familiar how this program works, it basically means that you will promote their products and earn commission from doing so.
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There are five various kinds of packages or products that you will sell from this program. The five packages or products that you would promote for this program are the basic package which would cost $2,000, the builder package costing $3.500, advanced package that costs $6,500, the pro package costing $12,500, and the expensive VIP package costing $22,000.
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These are the five various packages of products that an individual has to sell. By selling these considered high ticket sales business model products, the person will get to earn his or her huge commissions. You will then wonder what are the mechanics on how to sell or promote these packages or products. Initially you will be given a specific affiliate link which will have your user name connected to it. Second step, is the members in a certain area will be trained using their trainings in order for them to know how to drive traffic to their affiliate links. This can be done by either creation of a website or a landing page, with a traffic of either paid or free, depending on the person. Once a click on your affiliate link will come through the program’s webpage, this will now be your leads or potential clients. A membership area called centre automation option that will handle your leads, at your choosing, so that this sales team will handle your leads and not you doing it manually. And lastly, if your leads would turn into a purchase, meaning your leads bought the products sold, your commission will then be computed based on the products bought. This program will show you through their video on how to earn commissions. The advantages of this program are you will receive good trainings and you will have the chance to earn high commissions or income. With those working an eight-hour job, cannot find these advantages easily. Deciding on any business or work needs a thorough review of the potential of the project before you jump into it.