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Living In Peace With God’s Word

When it comes to living in peace and harmony in the world, it is important for you to remember God- the Creator of The Universe. This is why churches and Sunday schools are formed to remind you about His sermons and deeds. You have come into this world with a specific purpose in life and this means you can only live in peace if you have a spiritual bent of mind. This is the reason is why the church in Orange County ensures the locals get the spiritual word of God for a life full of love and compassion.

Teaching kids and teenagers

Children and teenagers have to be taught young as this helps them develop the qualities of compassion and love from a tender age. When it comes to teaching kids and teenagers, the Church takes special care in selecting appropriate discourses and sermons for them.  At the same time, children and kids take the privilege of inculcating values from a very young age. Adult leaders are chosen and they help children and teenagers understand The Bible at a very young age. This is important for them so that they inculcate good manners and values early in life. The adult leaders also form groups for the children and kids. They are able to develop the qualities of relationships and bonds at a young age. They become responsible when tasks are assigned to them. They develop organization skills and gradually they grow up to be well-balanced and matured individuals.

Participating together with harmony and love

The church in Orange County also conducts many activities for adults to participate together as a community. This is needed in today’s age as people are now becoming aware of their differences and fighting with one another on small reasons. There is so much hatred and jealously in the world. It is important for people to remember God in these hard times and also act with compassion towards each other. At the same time, it is the sole responsibility of the community to come forward together to fight terrorism and all the evil forces that are against the word of God. The Church carefully selects the sermons so that you are able to relate to them and inculcate the love and compassion in your life.

 Some of the sermons are broadcasted live and this helps members of the Church stay in touch with them. Sunday school also ensures that children and kids receive the sermons that are beneficial and relevant for them.

Regular sermons for the benefit of the community

The church in Orange County ensures that all its members are educated with the sermons they carefully select for the community. The Church authorities are setting a good example for others to follow in the USA. There is already so much violence and bloodshed in the world. Opting for regular sermons and teaching members of the community both old and young helps them to maintain peace and harmony in the community. Children and teenagers also are growing up to be responsible and balanced individuals with success!