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Lessen the disturbing effects of Global Warming with an Immediate Effect

While many understand that global warming is taking place on the planet, few understand the implications that this may have on the way of life. These increasing global temperatures are going to cause a lot of changes on the earth, and people need to act now or get ready to adjust to some very intense changes.

Regarding Global Warming:

Global Warming is triggering great concern to mankind mostly because the layer of greenhouse gasses consisting of mainly carbon dioxide is getting denser with each passing day. The absorption of the greenhouse gasses at such a shocking ratio is actually threatening for all forms of life on this earth. Jonathan Schrag, a famous professional in the fields of energy, climate, and environment states that almost all people by now have understood that global warming is affecting the environment and some serious steps must be taken to decrease it. Even though the comprehensive reasons of the warming remain an active field of study, but the logical agreement recognizes augmented levels of greenhouse gasses owing to human activity as the chief effect. The activities such as burning fossil fuels for energy etc. are leading to such issues. Other factors include volcanic emissions, solar activity, and variations in the orbit of the earth.

About Jonathan:

Mr. Schrag is currently serving at the Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission (RIPUC) as the Deputy Administrator. Formerly, Jonathan has been serving as the Senior Director of the Clean Energy Idea Bank at the EDF or Environmental Defense Fund. The Clean Energy Idea Bank is an internal think tank, strategic planning hub, and analytics team. Mr. Schrag has joined EDF from New York University School of Law, where at the Guarini Center on Environmental he has served as a Senior Fellow in Energy. At New York University School, his work focused on controlling and financial invention associated with distributed energy resources and the reorganization of an electrical substructure.

In the clean energy sector, Jonathan has been able to establish himself.  Before joining New York University School, Jonathan has worked as the Deputy Commissioner for Energy in Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. Jonathan Schrag has also been designated as Executive Director of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and as the Executive Director of the Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy at Columbia University.

Measures to prevent Global Warming

Jonathan states that no one can deny that if precautionary measures are not taken in time, people may face some disturbing effects of global warming. Being a part of the environment, it is the responsibility of each individual to take measures so that the environment can remain healthy and that the future generation can breathe in a clean and safe environment. It is high time that people increase their knowledge about global warming, and does their best to prevent it in the future years. While it may have adverse effects on the economy and the normal way of life, everyone owes it to the next generations to give them a serene, harmless planet to grow up in.