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How to Keep Mosquitos Away From Your Wedding

For most couples who are planning their wedding, it’s important that every detail is perfect to ensure that the day goes off without a hitch. Unfortunately, your guests may be attacked by mosquitos if you plan to host the ceremony or reception outdoors. If you want to prevent your family members and friends from going home with bites, there are a few important steps to take.

Remove Standing Water

Mosquitos are attracted to standing water because it’s a place where they can lay their eggs. Remove puddles that are present on the grounds and forego fountains or bird baths that may be present. If it’s expected to rain, fill in puddle-prone areas and avoid filling any of your centerpieces or decorations with water.

Hire Professionals to Help

It’s important to use the help of experts when it comes to protecting your wedding event from mosquitos that can swarm the party. When you want Mosquito Free Myrtle Beach Weddings, you can have your outdoor venue sprayed with a mosquito barrier that eliminates insects that on contact for the duration of your event. Your guests can enjoy staying throughout the evening without wanting to leave due to uninvited guests. As the bride and groom, you also won’t have to worry about having bites on your arms and legs in your wedding photos.

Use Different Smells

Mosquitos will stay away from different types of smells that aren’t pleasant, making it necessary to have a few scents at your wedding. You can use scents in your centerpieces to prevent the mosquitos from landing on the tables. Consider making a DIY citronella candle to put in a mason jar with sprigs of rosemary to create a natural setting that looks beautiful and is also effective at protecting your guests.

If you’re planning a wedding on the beach, use torches that can be placed in the sand, which can be made from your favorite wine bottles. All you need is a wick and a brass fitting with glass stones to create the torch.

Dryer sheets can also be used on the bottom of chairs, which will repel gnats and mosquitos due to the Linalool that they contain. The favors can also do all of the work with mosquito spray that you hand out to the guests with repellent towelettes.

Use Fans

Fans not only keep the air cooler at your venue but can prevent mosquitos from coming in proximity to the dance floor or buffet table. The fans will help keep the air circulating, which will make it difficult for the insects to fly near different areas of the event.