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Everything That You Need To Know About CCM Exam

The CCMC or the Commission for Case Management Certification, is the governing body of the CCM credentials, which will be obtained when they pass the certified case manager exam. They conduct this exam 3 times a year, in the month of April, August and December. The CCM exam is multiple choice and it has 180 questions that are taken in the commission for case management certification item pool.

The CCMC created questions for the CCM exam that are comprehensive. The case management professionals is in charge in adding and updating question in the certified case manager exam.

They will give the examiners three hours to complete and finish the exam. Only 150 items are scored in the exam because the remaining 30 are only considered as pretest questions. Twenty percent of the one hundred fifty questions are considered as the anchor items. The content of the CCM exam is all the same.
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The certified case manager exam is practice based, which means that all of the questions are made and based on the experiences of case managers. The CCM exam does not require you to take a course before you can take the certified case manager exam. They also do not require the examinees to have experience with case management. Even if they do not require the person to have experience with case management to take the exam, they will still provide content area of the examination that they can review. The certified case manager exam has five main parts and there are minor parts that are under the five major parts.
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You can take the CCM exam in any of the given months. I really recommend that you schedule your exam date so you can choose a date that will be very convenient for you.

Your application dashboard consist of all of the important details, such as the schedule and site of exam. You can only apply for the CCM exam when the application process is available. The application window is already open 5 months prior to the first exam month, and it will close 60 days prior to the first exam month. You can process your application of the Commission for Case Management Certification website. The application and examination fee will cost about $345. This includes a nonrefundable $160 application fee, and a $185 examination fee. This is not refundable. The only time the examination fee will be refunded if the examinee is ineligible to take the exam because the application is denied. They accept payments through your credit card.