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Five Essential Items To Pack In Your Rucksack Before You Head For The Forest

When you are too excited for a forest trip, it is normal to miss out some of the very important items like first-aid kits or tour map.  So to make it easy for you, here is a list of items that you have to put in your rucksack before you head for the much-awaited adventure trip.

William Schoellkopf, a noted traveler gives some handy tips for the youngsters on his blogs. It’s undoubtedly tough to survive in a forest unless you are prepared for it. According to him, first, you have to be mentally prepared for the expedition as you may have to face some real challenges. Many find it tough to come out of their comfort zone and no one goes to the forest to seek comfort. If you are fearless and ready to take any challenge boldly, you can survive there provided you are carrying the following items with you.

Sleeping Bag: Although you can put up a tent for yourself but it’s tough to sleep on an uneven rocky land. Your sleeping bag will work as a mattress and your blanket. Moreover, it is very handy to carry and you easily can slip into this anytime and anywhere.

Insect repellent: There will be enough insect to bug you in the forest but don’t allow them to create a hindrance. You can easily avoid them using insect repellent. You can easily choose a lotion or cream and apply it on your body. It is also advisable to drape in full sleeve wear so that these little creatures will not get your access.

Flashlights: In a dense forest you can’t expect anything other than animals and insects. You will not face the problem during daytime as you get sunlight but at night it is going to be different. An experienced traveler like William Schoellkopf knows what exactly can save in this situation. According to him, wherever you go don’t forget to carry a flashlight for your safety. Nowadays all mobiles come with a flashlight but in the forest, you may not be able to charge the phone and consequently, it will stop working. But, a flashlight can definitely save you.

Medicines and first aid: It will be called a foolish act if you forget to carry your first-aid kit. Again, this is something that has to be included whenever you step outside your home for a few days. In the forest, there will be no doctors and medical store to provide you any medicine. So carry a few band aids, sprain relief spray, antiseptic, hand sanitizer, and some tablets that bring relief to fever and acidity. If you are under any medication don’t forget to include that.

Map: In a dense forest your phone network will definitely ditch you so better you rely on a tour map. Carry this with you even if you are going there with a group of friends. It will come to your aid in case you get lost.

These are the essentials that you need to carry without fail to enjoy your trip. Also, you need to do a little research on the internet about the place for better safety.

William Schoellkopf prefers to go to an uninhabited place in his leisure time. Forest attracts this adventure lover most and he often shares his exciting experience on social media.