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E juices for healthy smoking

These days owing to the several health risks of cigarette smoking, people require a more pragmatic approach apart from those ‘No Smoking’ campaigns. This approach includes finding smoking alternatives to provide addicted smokers the satisfaction of smoking without generating the health issues associated with it. Electronic cigarette is one such effective alternative.

What are E-cigarettes and how they work?

An E-cigarette is a battery-powered electronic device that has recently been declared as another good option to traditional smoking. This cigarette generally comprises of a nicotine cartridge or container and a heating element. It works by vaporizing a nicotine mixture that the smoker breathes in. The heating mechanism has a detector to activate the heating or vaporizing process at the time of inhalation. Then the nicotine solution is transformed into vapor, set for the smoker to be inhaled.

E-cigarettes are usually made to resemble the look and feeling of traditional tobacco cigarettes. The devices are generally supplied by a battery that smokers need to recharge in case they run out of power. Refillable e-cigarettes contain the essential fun component e juice which is most important for flavors, vapor and nicotine. This e juice is available in a wide range of different flavors like vanilla, chocolate and fruit flavors.

How can these be a better option than regular cigarettes?

Studies prove that most of the toxins and carcinogens from normal smoking are released from the burning of tobacco leaves. Besides, tar and lead are also discharged from regular cigarette smoking. Furthermore, when a person smokes a cigarette the smoke also has serious effects on the people surrounded via passive or secondhand smoking and the carbon monoxide gas released affects the environment quality.

Despite these health problems, it is the stimulating effects of nicotine constituting a large part of tobacco that induce people to smoke more and more. Considering these facts, here are a few basic ways in which e-cigarettes can become a healthy option to smoking-

  1. E-cigarettes do not burn tobacco leaves.
  2. They supply the required nicotine without toxins and carcinogens most e-cigarettes are almost 99% nicotine free.
  3. They do not give out smoke and thus prevent the environment from being polluted, reducing the risks of adverse effects on health.
  4. Since e-cigarettes simulate the inhalation of smoke, they offer the same excitement of traditional smoking. Additionally, they resemble the look and feeling of real cigarettes, enabling smokers to have a nice time enjoying them.

Although smoking contributes to various health risks, yet this can be circumvented through technology. E-cigarette is therefore, the best innovative remedy that utilizes technology to resolve the health issues posed by smoking.