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Drawing the Thin Line between Good Leaders and Great Ones

Leading businesses is an awful task for sure. And those who have achieved success will definitely accept the fact that one of the scariest things to do in their career was to provide their employees the freedom to make as many mistakes as they could. While the mistakes allow individuals to learn and grow out of it, it might not be possible for all the companies to bear the losses that can be incurred upon. While most of the entrepreneurs are scared of whether they can bear with the losses or not, the great leaders in true sense found ways that could allow the people to take the risks.

While Steve Silvers Empire Today has been working out enrooting his path to leadership, he set out to discover how to accomplish this necessary feat without jeopardizing his company under any circumstances. While doing so, the first step he discovered was in determining the areas which had enough chances of mistakes to be committed without bringing too much of damage to the company. There have been thorough studies and analysis carried out to find out and ensure that the clients under no circumstances are being affected by this, and their trust upon the company is not put under stake. If any sort of significant risk factors are found out, then necessary executive involvement needs to be engaged to have an oversight of the entire problem.

The next step was to communicate with the office employees regarding some changes that have been brought to office policies. Announcing the term that making any mistake once was OK, as long as the mistake was an honest one and committed while attempting to do something that felt to them was right can indeed bring in a mixed bag of response. Marking any sort of mistake once was always Ok, and finding any sort of repetition will not be spared. This even need to be cleared out that once a mistake done and the entire team will be supportive enough to back it up, but any repetition of mistake will have the complete onus on their own, and the entire consequence needs to be faced individually.

The great leaders have always stuck to four basic steps while committing mistakes- learn from them, fix them, own them and put necessary safeguards to prevent committing it once again. Just like great leaders, even the good employees recognize that they have made an honest mistake. Rather than being defensive about it, they prove to be very sporting by taking an objective approach towards the mistake and understand why their choice and actions were considered to be wrong by the management.

Since the mistake cannot be reversed, the only way is to fix them by rectifying. There will be times as well when the damage done cannot be compensated under any circumstances, but the best of the employees will try their best to do as much disaster management as they could. Steve Silvers Empire Today believes that there are six A’s in life which can bring in permanent solution and they are Admit, Apologize, Acknowledge, Attest, Assure and Abstain. Complete the cycle and nothing can make you a better employee for the company.