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Fashion Tips for Men and how to Look Good and Comfortable

The need of the day is to strike a balance between what is comfortable and stylish to wear in this hot weather. In order to achieve  a great physique and cast an everlasting impression, it is advisable for men to make sure that the clothes he is wearing make him feel comfy, but at the same place make him look trendy and attractive.

Therefore while making selection of clothes for this purpose equal weightage should be given to the material of the cloth you are buying and its suitability for the season you are going to wear. Keep this in mind that if you want to be your best self and give the maximum output, you have to make sure that you opt for a cozy outfit that you can carry easily even if you are at your workplace. Dressing comfortably does not mean that you have no fashion sense but you have to amalgamate your comfort with style and promote a more of a casual comfortable stylish outfit. Here are some tips you must pen down to learn the art of looking dressed up by keeping yourself super comfortable.

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A Formal pair of jeans with a dress shirt

Jeans is considered as one of the most casual and comfortable legwear for men. However there are some rules to be followed while purchasing jeans for outdoor or formal events. Avoid wearing baggy jeans because it depicts your carefree attitude and carelessness. Avoid purchasing embellished and torn jeans that points towards poor fashion sense. Pairing a jeans with a blazer can further elevate your casual look to a formal look. The best advice is to opt for plane and traditional jeans of dark blue and black colors. It will give you more of a straight and mature look.

Focus on your footwear

Some people focus more on purchasing a classic outfit and often pay little head to their footwear. It is wrong to assume that nobody notice shoes, while in contrary women does. Opting for a pair of brown leather loafers instead of sneakers fit well with a combo of simple jeans and a formal shirt complimented with a blazer. The other best option while opting for comfortable shoes can be dessert boots, they look nicer as compared to sneakers but however are less formal than loafers. These shoes are best to pair with a casual outfit and make you feel at comfort.

Comfy T-shirts and Trousers for men

It is no more a hard task to shop for stylish and comfortable clothes if you follow some general rules.T-Shirts are abundantly available in every men’s wardrobe. If you are on a hunt for a T-shirt that makes you feel at your best comfort level than go for a shirt that is made 100 percent from cotton. This is the best choice for summer as it makes breathing easier. It is advisable to stick with neutral and traditional colors as you …

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